Configure a Teradata Vantage connection in DBeaver

Author: Adam Tworkiewicz
Last updated: September 12th, 2022


This how-to demonstrates how to create a connection to Teradata Vantage with DBeaver.


Add a Teradata connection to DBeaver

  1. Start the new connection wizard by clicking on the plug icon (plug icon) in the upper left corner of the application window or go to Database → New Database Connection.

  2. On Select your database screen, start typing teradata and select the Teradata icon.

    Select your database
  3. On the main tab, you need to set all primary connection settings. The required ones include Host, Port, Database, Username, and Password.

    With DBeaver PRO, you can not only use the standard ordering of tables but also hierarchically link tables to a specific database or user. Expanding and collapsing the databases or users will help you navigate from one area to another without swamping the Database Navigator window. Check the Show databases and users hierarchically box to enable this setting.
    In many environments Teradata Vantage can only be accessed using the TLS protocol. When in DBeaver PRO, check Use TLS protocol option to enable TLS.
    Teradata connection settings
  4. Click on Finish.

Optional: SSH tunneling

If your database cannot be accessed directly, you can use an SSH tunnel. All settings are available on the SSH tab. DBeaver supports the following authentication methods: user/password, public key, SSH agent authentication.

Teradata connection settings SSH


This how-to demonstrated how to create a connection to Teradata Vantage with DBeaver.

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