Getting Started with VantageCloud Lake


Teradata VantageCloud Lake is Teradata’s next-generation, cloud-native analytics and data platform. It provides lakehouse deployment patterns along with the ability to run independent elastic workloads using an object storage-centric design.
It empowers organizations to unlock their data, activate analytics, and accelerate value. Customers can optimize their analytics environment using specially configured compute cluster resources that best accommodate their workload requirements.


VantageCloud Lake provides all the benefits you’d expect in a cloud solution plus Teradata’s differentiated technology stack, including the industry-leading Analytics Database, ClearScape Analytics, and QueryGrid data fabric.

Sign-on to VantageCloud Lake

To get a VantageCloud Lake sign-on link and credentials, fill the contact form to reach out to Teradata team.

Go to the URL provided by Teradata, for example, and sign on:

  • Existing customers can use their organization admin username(email address) and password to sign on.

  • New customer can sign on with their organization admin username (from welcome letter: email address) and the password you created.

Click here to reset the organization admin password.
Sign On

The signing on takes you to VantageCloud Lake welcome page.

Welcome Page

The Welcome page has navigation menu that not only gives you a complete control of your environments but also provides you various necessary tools:

Navigation Menu Items
  • Vantage - Home page of VantageCloud Lake portal

  • Environments - Create your environments and see all the created environments

  • Organization - View organizations configuration, manage Organization Admins and view the configuration and status of your account

  • Consumption - Monitor how your organization consumes compute and storage resources

  • Cost Calculator - Calculate the cost and consumption of your environment and whole organization.

  • Queries - Inspect an environment’s queries to understand their efficiency.

  • Editor - Create and run queries in an editor.

  • Data Copy - Provision, configure and run data copy (also known as Data Mover) jobs from VantageCloud Lake Console.

Create an Environment

To create a primary cluster environment, click on "Environments" on the navigation menu. In a new opened view, click on "Create" button situated on the top right of the page.

Environment Page

Environment configuration

Fill out the Environment configuration fields:

Item Description

Environment name

A contextual name for new environment


The available region list was predetermined during the sales process.


There are two service packages available to select from:
Lake: Premier 24x7 cloud support
Lake+: Premier 24x7 Priority cloud support + industry data models

Environment configuration
The Consumption estimates, to your right, provide guidance for configuring the environment. See Using the Consumption Estimates for more detail.

Primary cluster configuration

Fill out the Primary cluster configuration fields:

Item Description

Instance size

Select an instance size suitable for your use-case:

Lake value (in units)















Lake+ value (in units)















Instance count

2 to 64
Number of nodes in the primary clusters

Instance storage

1 to 72TB per instance

Primary cluster configuration

Database credentials

Fill out the Database credential fields:

Item Description
Primary cluster configuration

Advanced options

To quickly get started, you can select Use Defaults or define the additional option settings.

Advanced option with user default
Item Description

AMPs per instance

Workload management
Select the number of AMPs per instance for the instance size you selected.

AWS: Storage encryption

Configure encryption for customer data. See Finding the key ID and key ARN
* Managed by Teradata
* Customer managed
* Key Alias ARN

Advanced option user defined

Review all the information and click on CREATE ENVIRONMENT button.

Create environment button

The deployment takes few minutes. Once complete, created environment can be found in Environments section as a card view(name of environment is quickstart_demo).

Newly created available environment

Access environment from public internet

The created environment is accessible through console only. To change that, click on created environment and go to SETTINGS tab.

Settings menu of created environment

In the SETTINGS, select the Internet connection checkbox and provide the IP addresses in CIDR format (for example, specifies all IP addresses in the range: to with which you would want to access your environment.

Find more information on setting up an internet connection here.
IP whitelisting

Click on the SAVE button situated on right top of the page to confirm changes.

Go back to the Environments section and check your environment card. It has Public internet access now.

Public internet card view


In this quick start we learned how to create an environment in VantageCloud Lake and allow it to be accessed from public internet.

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