Getting started with ClearScape Analytics Experience


ClearScape AnalyticsTM is a powerful analytics engine in Teradata VantageCloud. It delivers breakthrough performance, value, and growth across the enterprise with the most powerful, open and connected AI/ML capabilities on the market. You can experience ClearClearScape AnalyticsTM and Teradata Vantage, in a non-production setting, through ClearScape Analytics Experience.

In this how-to we will go through the steps for creating an environment in ClearScape Analytics Experience and access demos.


Create a ClearScape Analytics Experience account

Head over to ClearScape Analytics Experience and create a free account.


Sign in to your ClearScape Analytics account to create an environment and access demos.

Sign in

Create an Environment

Once signed in, click on CREATE ENVIRONMENT

Create environment

You will need to provide:

Variable Value

environment name

A name for your environment, e.g. "demo"

database password

A password of your choice, this password will be assigned to dbc and demo_user users


Select a region from the dropdown

Note down the database password. You will need it to connect to the database.
Environment params

Click on CREATE button to complete the creation of your environment and now, you can see details of your environment.

Environment details

Access demos

The ClearScape Analytics Experience environment includes a variety of demos that showcase how to use analytics to solve business problems across many industries.

To access demos, click on RUN DEMOS USING JUPYTER button. It will open a Jupyter environment in a new tab of your browser.

You can find all the detail of demos on the demo index page.
Usecases folder


In this quick start, we learned how to create an environment in ClearScape Analytics Experience and access demos.

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