Getting Started with Teradata AI Unlimited

This product is in preview and is subject to change. If you’re interested in learning more about this offering, contact Teradata Support.


Teradata AI Unlimited is a self-service, on-demand platform that enables you to deploy and connect an SQL engine to your data lake. You can then run your workloads on a scalable AI Unlimited compute engine deployed on your preferred Cloud Service Provider (CSP). Using the engine, you can leverage the capabilities of a highly parallel database while eliminating the need for data management.

Teradata AI Unlimited consists of the following components:

  • Workspace service: An orchestration service that controls and manages Teradata AI Unlimited automation and deployments. It also controls the integration elements that provide a seamless user experience when running data-related projects. Workspace service includes a web-based UI that you can use to authorize the user and define your choice of CSP integrations.

  • Interface: An environment to write and run data projects, connect to the Teradata system, and visualize data. You can use either JupyterLab or Workspace Client (workspacectl).

  • Engine: A fully managed computational resource that you can use to run your data science and analytical workloads.

Deployment options

You can deploy Teradata AI Unlimited components using one of the following options:

  • Workspace service and JupyterLab running locally on Docker

  • Workspace service on your Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and JupyterLab running locally on Docker

  • Workspace service and JupyterLab on the same instance on your VPC

  • Workspace service and JupyterLab behind a Network Load Balancer

For development or testing environments, you can deploy workspace service and JupyterLab using Docker. See Deploy and Setup Teradata AI Unlimited Workspace Service Using Docker. If you’re an enterprise user with access to cloud infrastructure, you can deploy workspace service and JupyterLab on your VPC. See Deploy Teradata AI Unlimited Workspace Service and Interface using AWS CloudFormation Template and Deploy Teradata AI Unlimited using Azure (Coming Soon).

Next steps

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